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Coach Frank: The ScoutingTree Solution

Coach Frank: The ScoutingTree Solution

June 12th, 2017 Justin Walsh

Coach Frank: The ScoutingTree Solution

High School, A.A.U., and travel team athletic coaches have a tremendous responsibility to their players that goes well beyond their particular field of play. How can we help our student athletes to successfully move on to the next level of their “careers” in sports?

For the overwhelming majority of these young athletes, that next level will take place on a college campus. How can we best assist our players to find their way to the right school, where their academic and athletic skill sets match up well to the schools that they apply to?

For many of us, the answer is simple: hard work! We build relationships with a number of college athletic departments and know our student athletes well enough so that we can coordinate with the high school guidance counselors and provide meaningful input to the college application process. But what if there is a college out there, looking for exactly the kind of athlete that you have on your team? Maybe he isn’t your best outfielder, but his academics are excellent and his dash times over the past three years have been steadily improving, as has his batting average. These are attributes that coaches value, particularly when we consider schools that are not N.C.A.A. Division I. Or perhaps she is a swimmer who works extremely hard every day but still hasn’t quite excelled to the point where colleges are knocking on her door. Then one day, you notice that she “looks” a little different. She seems to be a little stronger and she looks a little taller. Then, at the last meet of the season, she wins her event, handily, against some of the better swimmers in your league. How are you going to get this information out to the greatest number of colleges and universities who might be looking to build a program around swimmers such as yours?

There’s a new free solution that is available to help make this search much more efficient. ScoutingTree is a fully mobile, user friendly application that allows coaches, players, school guidance counselors and parents to input and upload meaningful data, video and much more, into a single repository where the information can be seen, organized and managed by college coaches and recruiters from around the country, and around the world.

We’ve all been through the process of trying to get our players seen and recruited to colleges. ScoutingTree can be a dynamic tool/service that will allow you to communicate with as many, or as few, colleges as you care to. Those small, “out of the way” colleges where sports are played at a very high level but remain out of the mainstream of intercollegiate programs, are now a click away.

Working hard to see our students succeed beyond their high school years is every educators’ responsibility. Leveraging ScoutingTree will help.

Sincerely Frank “Lo”